High Performance Habits (part 1 of 22)

High Performance Habits

By: Brendon Burchard (2017)

[Pigeonhole] A Practical Rule Book

[Premise] Brendan Burchard has been a coach of ‘high achievers’ for over 10 years. He built his prominence through online learning and public speaking. This book is the result of hundreds of interviews with his top performers. These habits are the rules that each of them consistently followed in order to reach their levels of success.


Introduction (1-28)
Beyond Natural: The Quest for High Performance (29-50)

Section One: Personal Habits (51-52)
Habit 1: Seek Clarity (53-90)
Habit 2: Generate Energy (91-126)
Habit 3: Raise Necessity (127-170)

Section Two: Social Habits (171-172)
Habit 4: Increase Productivity (173-214)
Habit 5: Develop Influence (215-254)
Habit 6: Demonstrate Courage (255-288)

Section Three: Sustaining Success (289-290)
Beware Three Traps (291-324)
The #1 Thing (325-342)
Summary Guide (343-347)

Continuing Education Resources (348)
About the Author (349-350)
Acknowledgments (351-356)
Endnotes (357-368)
References (369)

[Key Points] The Summary Guide (part 2 of this series) provides the Key Points of the book.  Further details will be explored in the chapter logs.