Healthcare “Syntopical” (part 1 of 15)

A “Syntopical” reading of the subject of healthcare means reviewing a category of books simultaneously, and extracting the key points from each, comparing and contrasting those points, and deriving a conclusion to the questions you had on the topic as a whole.

This review includes four books:

The Company That Solved Health Care
by: John Torinus

The Grassroots Health Care Revolution
by: John Torinus

The CEO’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream
by Dave Chase

Cracking Health Costs
by Tom Emerick and Al Lewis

The take on these four books is that the traditional healthcare system is broken, and there is a better way for companies to implement a program for their employees. Some of the thoughts and ideas come from the era before the Affordable Care Act (ACA / ObamaCare), but the approach and supporting methods have accelerated since the passing of that bill.

The main idea is that a Health Exchange that provides coverage for all individuals, regardless of health conditions, disproportionately benefits those with poor health conditions and burdens those with good health conditions. The idea is that companies can promote good health (sometimes called Wellness or Well-Being) for their employees, as well as adopting a consumer mindset that looks for high quality work at a reasonable price, thus reducing the utilization of overpriced and unlimited healthcare options, which will reduce the expense of healthcare on the employer.

In essence, the books above details ways for a company to move out of a high cost, low value program into a market driven (capitalistic) program in which the price and availability of products are based on quality and demand.

It is the intent of these authors to usher a new wave of healthcare, and the details illustrated in this Syntopical appear to be their first steps in a grassroots effort to fix healthcare.