Healthcare “Syntopical”: The Company That Solved Healthcare 1 (part 2 of 15)

The Company That Solved Healthcare

by: John Torinus
c: 2010

Pigeonhole: Social Science – Public Administration


Introduction: Real Reform of Health Care Still to Come (p1-10)

  1. Rampant Health Costs Can Be Controlled (p11-18)
  2. Get Employees’ Heads in the Game (p19-30)
  3. Utilization Drops Sharply with Individual Responsibility (p31-42)
  4. Piercing the Fog of Medical Pricing and Promoting Transparency (p43-58)
  5. Motivate Employees to Seek Centers of Value (p59-82)
  6. The Missing Link: Top Management as Change Agents (p83-92)
  7. Beer, Brats, Butterfat: Health, Lifestyle Can Be Managed (p93-110)
  8. Primacy of Primary Care Delivers Big Savings (p111-128)
  9. Quality Ratings Elusive, But Essential (p129-140)
  10. To Reform: Educate, Communicate, Hyper-Communicate (p141-158)
  11. Silver Bullet for Better Value: Lean Disciplines That Transform (p159-172)
  12. Generics, Loss Leaders Provide Leverage on Drug Costs (p173-184)
  13. Better Model for Desperate Small Companies (p185-194)
  14. Private Sector Reforms Trump Government Efforts (p195-206)

Appendix: 2010 Benefits at a Glance (p207-208)
About Serigraph (p209)