Healthcare “Syntopical”: The Grassroots Health Care Revolution 1 (part 5 of 15)

The Grassroots Health Care Revolution

by: John Torinus
c: 2014

Pigeonhole: Social Science – Public Administration


Introduction (p1-6)

  1. Go or No-Go Under ObamaCare? (p7-20)
  2. Private Payers Forge Disruptive New Business Model (p21-38)
  3. Three-Year Game Plan Can Flatline Company Health Costs (p39-56)
  4. Self-Insurance: Companies Keep Their Health Savings (p57-64)
  5. Consumer-Driven: Companies Engage Employees (p65-80)
  6. Transparency: Entrepreneurs Shine Light on Prices, Quality (p81-98)
  7. Centers of Value: Companies Move Business (p99-114)
  8. Restructured Pricing: Companies Demand Better Models (p115-132)
  9. On-Site Clinics: Companies Take Over Primary Care (p133-154)
  10. Chronic Diseases: Companies Go Where the Money Goes (p155-168)
  11. Health As Asset: Companies Come to New Understanding (p169-180)
  12. Other Payers Join the Marketplace Revolution (p181-192)
  13. Employees, Employers, Nation: Win-Win-Win (p193-206)

Acknowledgements (p207-208)
About Serigraph (p209)