Healthcare “Syntopical”: The CEO’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream 1 (part 9 of 15)

The CEO’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream: How to Deliver World Class Health Care to Your Employees at Half the Cost

by: Dave Chase
c: 2017

Pigeonhole: Social Science – Public Administration


Acknowledgment & Author’s Note (p ix)
Forward (p xvii)
A Note From A Fellow Traveler (p xxi)
Introduction (p1-12)
Part 1: The Current Situation (p13)

  1. America Has Gone to War for Far Less (p14-24)
    Case Study: Pittsburgh (Allegheny County) Schools (p25-29)
  2. Health Care Prices: Hyperinflation or Flat? (p30-38)
  3. What You Don’t Know About the Pressures and Constraints Facing Insurance Executives Costs You Dearly (p39-46)
  4. Millennials Will Revolutionize Health Benefits (p47-55)
    Case Study: Rosen Hotels & Resorts (p56-60)
    Part 2: How and Why Employers Are Getting Fleeced (p61)
  5. 7 Tricks Used to Redistribute Profits From Your Organization to the Health Care Industry (p6269)
  6. PP Networks Deliver Value – and Other Flawed Assumptions That Crush Your Bottom Line (p70-76)
    Case Study: City of Milwaukee (p77-79)
  7. Criminal Fraud Is Much Bigger Than You Think (p80-84)
  8. Are Workplace Wellness Programs Hazardous to Your Health? (p85-90)
    Part 3: Doing It Right (p91)
  9. You Run a Health Care Business Whether You Like It or Not (p92-99)
  10. How to Pick a Benefits Consultant (p100-107)
    Case Study: Langdale Industries (p108-111)
  11. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Benefits Professionals (p112-116)
  12. Centers of Excellence Offer a Golden Opportunity (p117-121)
  13. Independent Claims Administrators vs. Insurance Company Claims Administrators – The Trade-offs (p122-134)
    Part 4: Health Rosetta (p135)
  14. Value-based Primary Care (p136-143)
  15. Transparent Medical Markets (p144-150)
    Case Study: Enovation Controls (p151-155)
  16. Concierge-Style Employee Customer Service (p156-160)
  17. High-Value Transparent TPA (p161-167)
  18. Transparent Pharmacy Benefits (p168-175)
  19. “ERISA Fiduciary Risk Is the Largest Undisclosed Risk I’ve Seen in My Career” (p176-185)
  20. The Opioid Crisis: Employers Have the Antidote (p186-199)

Conclusion (p200-209)
Appendix A: Detailed Case Studies on the Failures of Workplace Wellness Programs (p209-219)
Appendix B: Client Notice, Plan Sponsor Bill of Rights, and Code of Conduct (p220-225)
Appendix C: Sample Compensation Disclosure Form (p226-231)
Appendix D: Health Rosetta Principles (p232-246)
Appendix E: Health 3.0 Vision (p247-256)
Appendix F: Health 3.0 Vision: Implications for Providers, Government, and Startups (p257-262)
Author Bio (p263-264)
Bibliography & Endnotes (p265)