Healthcare “Syntopical”: Cracking Health Costs 1 (part 12 of 15)

Cracking Health Costs: How to Cut Your Company’s Costs and Provide Employees Better Care

by: Tom Emerick and Al Lewis
c: 2013

Pigeonhole: Social Science – Public Administration


Forward: Davide A Rearick (p ix)
Introduction (p xiii)

Part 1: Mostly Bad News (p1)

  1. Myths and Facts about Your Health Benefit (p3-24)
  2. Does Your Broker or Consultant Have Your Back (p25-38)
  3. It’s Time for the Wellness Industry to Admit to Doping (p39-56)
  4. This Is Your Health Benefit on Drugs (p57-68)
  5. Your Employees’ Health Is Too Important to Be Left to the Doctors (p69-88)
  6. Are New Delivery Models Deja Vu All Over Again, Again? (p89-108)
    Part 2: Mostly Good News (p109)
  7. The Company-Sponsored Centers of Excellence Model (p111-130)
  8. Hospital Safety: How to Get Your Employees Back to Work in One Piece (p131-144)
  9. Real Care Coordination: The Only Other Way to Save Money (p145-160)
  10. Goofus Retains a Wellness Vendor, Gallant Implements Well-Being (p161-174)
    Part 3: What Should You Do Next? (p175)
  11. Health Insurance Exchanges: Should You Stay or Should You Go? (p177-188)

Notes (p189-192)
Bibliography (p193-194)
Acknowledgements (p195-196)
About the Authors (p197)